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Find a little presence

Learn to become present in the moment, thoughtless and aware of what is around you without narration or comment from that voice in your head. A practice that will make the voice become ever quieter.

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Beautiful log cabins, lake cabins and tree houses are included and the retreat has 5 lakes, woodland and the peace needed to focus on you in peace. 

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Firstly, why are you here?

Interestingly, this question only actually has one answer, and it applies to almost all of us. We have a dysfunction in the relationship between our mind, thoughts, feelings or voice in our head, and our true underlying self. The one who hears that voice and experiences life directly, before the thoughts and feelings happen.

We use lots of different words to represent that dysfunction, such as overthinking, anxiety, worry, unhappiness, lack of purpose, addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, sleep disorders, mental health, self esteem, confidence, a yearning for freedom or peace, lack of fulfillment, paranoia and many other subtle variations on these themes. The common thread being that it takes our peace away, leaving us generally unfulfilled.

The reality for most is that we were never taught how to have a healthy relationship with our mind, thoughts and feelings at school or by our parents either. Instruction on the mind, thoughts, feelings or even on who we actually are is a missing and vital piece of education.


Instead, we are thrown into a world full of judgement, expectation, roles, labels, pain, experience and more, without any means to understand or deal with how we feel about it. The world conditions us to have a mind in complete overdrive, fueling this dysfunction like petrol on a fire.

Zen Jungle is the wisdom we have all been missing. It uncovers the root cause, and demonstrates clearly that the way we feel is a learned habit and certainly not naturally ocurring. It also teaches the core principles, wisdom and techniques that resolve it completely and finally. 

Stressed Man

The 2 objectives of this free content

Objective 1:
To help create a quieter mind and some immediate freedom from the voice in your head.
Most of us are endlessly lost in a stream of involuntary thoughts. We are thinking about the future and the past. We are anxious or worrying. We are planning things to do and often regretting things we have already done. We are sometimes guilty or blaming, or often chasing the next thing we want. We are always looking for the next stepping stone and "fix" that we have decided will bring us the happiness we seek.

As a result, our minds are constantly active with thoughts we don’t choose and often that we really don’t want. Those thoughts stop us sleeping, relaxing, being at peace and ultimately being fulfilled and happy.
To have a quiet mind and an ability to choose our own thoughts, is essentially the only true freedom in life. Without it we are locked in a prison of the mind, endlessly thinking and endlessly searching.
Objective 2:
To start a new relationship between your mind, thoughts, feelings and YOU
As if it weren't enough for us to be constantly, involuntarily thinking, our relationship with thoughts and feelings is also broken too. Why? Because we have slowly evolved into a belief that we actually are our thoughts and feelings, which is simply not the case.

Even though we are the one who can watch the thoughts and knows that they are involuntary, we make the mistake of believing that we actually are our mind and we react, respond to and carry out many of the thoughts that come, feeling like we have no choice at all.

This is a broken relationship and there is a need for us to change it by remembering who we are. We are the one who can watch thought, not the thoughts themselves. This realisation then allows us to begin to choose when and if to react to them. While this is a bigger process than can be covered here, we can start that process, and continue it in the masterclass later.

Let's get started

Firstly, why do we think so much?
So why are we endlessly thinking? The short answer is that we live in a world full of expectations, our own and everyone else's.  We have built a mind created identity within this world, that now needs fuel and to be constantly maintained.
We have endless likes, wants, needs and preferences to chase and we have dislikes, fears and things we don’t want, all to be carefully avoided.
Not surprisingly, our minds are kept incredibly busy with this problem. They tirelessly try to control the world around us and everyone and everything in it. Sound like a hard job? It is. In fact, it is a totally impossible one but we have made it an endless vocation for our minds.
Your mind does it in almost every waking moment and even while we sleep. Although sleep can be hard while listening to the endless, loud voice in our head trying to debate and consider our next actions.. 
How will becoming more present help?
The practice of presence is a life changing activity, when undertaken regularly, and it is truly simple. It is simply the act of being here, now and not lost in involuntary thought. When was the last time you were able to be anywhere and do anything without getting lost in thought, worry, anxiety or fear.
Included as just one element in the masterclass, the practice of presence alone can be life changing. Progressively, you will learn to quickly find your present awareness, clear your mind of thoughts and will then progress to becoming fully present almost permanently.
As you find and maintain presence, your mind will become much quieter and you will progress to being able to actively watch your thoughts without getting sucked into them or taking action.
The aim is not to fight with your mind or to prevent it thinking at all, it is to simply allow it to find peace and to eventually become just a spectator of thoughts, rather than an active participant. As the watcher, you will soon realise that all thoughts are essentially meaningless.
As you reduce the attention given to thoughts and mind, you take away the fuel for overthinking, and slowly, the mind will find peace and the voice in the head will stop.
The only true freedom in life, is to have the choice of both when to think and what to think. That freedom starts here.
Yoga Practice

What is Zen Jungle?

Zen jungle is a holistic masterclass in how to truly love life.


Stop overthinking, quiet your mind and completely transform your thoughts to bring peace, purpose and almost permanent happiness.

“It’s a total game changer”