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The holistic masterclass
in how to truly "Love Life"

Stop overthinking, quiet your mind and completely transform your thoughts to bring a new level of freedom, peace, purpose and almost permanent happiness. Realise a new and fulfilled state of being. It's step-by-step and easy to follow.

It's a life-changing, transformational journey.

A game changer that really works...
The world is filled with self help and "How to be successful or happy in life" manuals. They promise feeling better and to provide ways to deal with what life throws at you, but rarely actually deliver. Zen Jungle is very different.
The Masterclass acts at the very foundation of who and what you are. It's a deep life changing moment and once learned and practiced, brings peace, freedom, happiness, fulfilment and love to your life. Almost permanently.
Not about quick fixes, positive thinking or placing sticking plasters over how life feels, the masterclass works on the fundamental internal causes. It's as much about unlearning as learning. Actionable wisdom and truth that works at the deepest level of your being to bring permanent results.
The masterclass is both interesting and enlightening, simple and almost immediately effective. You will take a journey to deeply understanding yourself, your mind and the voice in your head, and perform a reboot and reset.
Through the process you will find a completely new "state of being". Your relationship with almost everything, internal and external will quickly change for the better. The world, others and in particular yourself, will take on new meaning and purpose.
The way we are conditioned to live by western society, clearly doesn't work for our mental health, peace, freedom and happiness. It also hides who and what we really are from us, blinding us with distractions and endless overthinking. Few of us now feel whole, complete or at peace. What a perfect time, to learn another way.
Zen Jungle is a masterclass in taking full control of your own mind and replacing involuntary thoughts and feelings with your choice of if, when and what you think. This creates true peace and freedom, and almost permanent inner joy. After all, our problems are never truly caused by life itself, a problem is only a problem when your mind and thoughts make it so.
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The masterclass is life changing,
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A life changing journey to peace, freedom and happiness, your search is over.


Mental Health
& Lack of sleep

Are you overthinking with Intense, involuntary thoughts, anxiety, depression or even thinking suicidally. Do you have Inner debate, expectations, worrying, a generally noisy mind.

Relax, this will help.

Happiness & Purpose

Why am I here? What is it all for? What shall I do with my life? Looking for freedom, peace, happiness and generally wanting to feel more fulfiled and at one with the world.

Relax, you found it.

Relationship & Love

Are you challenged by love and relationships, seeking to fill that space in your life? You want to feel deep love but can't seem to find the right partner or make that happen.

Relax, you're not alone.

Addictions & Compulsions

Are you unable to control urges and compulsions to drink, smoke, do drugs or even using your mobile phone and social media. Seeking escape in the external.

Relax, help is here.

Awakening & Realisation

Have you started to realise who and what you are, looking to lose your ego identity and move to the true self. Want to become the experiencer and watcher, not thinker.

This really works.

What you learn and unlearn, will change almost everything . . .

Reduction in anxiety
Through retraining our thoughts and changing our patterns, Zen Jungle can help reduce or remove the overthinking that causes most anxieties. Anxiety is usually a pattern associated with living more in the future than in the present and is the mind creating worry about multiple versions of what may happen next.

Improved sleep
With all of the expectations placed on us and the endless amount of things we have to do, it's little wonder that most of us lack sleep. This is again a pattern rooted in overthinking that requires a change in habits. Zen Jungle will help you to achieve that change, move you to only voluntary thought and so find restful sleep.


Feel at peace at last
Many of us have reached a moment in our lives where we would value to feel at peace more than most other things. Peace is essentially freedom from mind activity. A feeling of calm and that everything is going to be ok no matter what. Zen Jungle will create longer and longer periods where you are free from thought. This will quickly bring you the peace you are longing for.


An end to chasing happiness
Modern life has us in a cycle of bridging from one extarnal thing, a possession, event, person or situation that we feel we need in order to be happy to another in an endless cycle. This means that we see the time in between as a means to an end and often end up living within our memories of the past or in our imagined future, without appreciating or even seeing the present at all. Zen Jungle will help to change that.

Joy in almost all situations
Over time, as you progress through the Zen Jungle masterclass, you will find a new excitement and enjoyment in even the most normal of things. You will learn to bring joy to every situation and to manufacture permanent peace and happiness no matter what the situation. Once you have control of your thoughts, joy is always a simple addtion to any situation.


Overlooking Waterfall
Forest Road
You will feel profound and positive changes, almost immediately

The end of overthinking
At the heart of the masterclass is a kind of thought training. This is about mastery of thought and making thought a voluntary process, rather than the involuntary kind of mind terrorism that it is more usually for most of us. Learn techniques and a state of being that will place you in control of IF, WHEN and WHAT you think. Imagine the peace of no thought and having a choice of what you think and when.

Better relationships
As part of the masterclass, you will look closely at how you perceive others and at both judgement and acceptance. Then together with a new way of forgiving, you will deepen and enrich every interpersonal relationship you have. Even with those people you may have wanted to avoid before.


Deep connection with nature
At the heart of Zen Jungle is the belief that nature has created our whole world and existence, and that we, as humanity, have deviated from her plan. We will bring awakening and enlightenment, together with a deep connection to everything natural. It will re-ignite your wonder at everything around you and give a new perspective on life itself. Nature is a beautiful, unpredictable adventure but we are often way too busy to see it.


Healing from pain and illness
As the mind grows calmer and you start to find clarity and peace, your consciousness and life energy will naturally refocus, allowing dedicated time for profound healing. The phrase "doctors don't cure anything, your body does" will come to mean lots to you and as you find peace, so will your body strengthen and recover.


Finding your "purpose"
The big question of "why am I here" is one that we endlessly search for answers to. It can be the subject of significant anxiety and worry too as we get older. As you follow the path of the roadmap we are confident that you will find that your purpose was never lost, just forgotten.


Find forgiveness and freedom from all guilt and blame.

The masterclass will help you to completely change your perception and relationships with almost everone in your life. For the better. As we change ourselves, we also change others around us. A key part of this, is to understand guilt, blame and forgiveness, change some simple behaviours and find a whole new world of peace and freedom.


Lone Walk
Learn the ability to choose when, what and if you think at all, on a journey of life changing transformation.
The thought that "there must be more to life" comes to almost all of us at some point in our lives. When the optimism ends and you finally realise that doing the same thing again and again isn't working, you are then ready to try another, better way.
Zen Jungle exposes that better way, where you can finally and truly LOVE LIFE. And the great news is, you don't need to exit your old life, join a cult or detach from "reality" to do it. It's all available inside of you, right now.
The mind is the most powerful entity on the planet but we were never taught how to use it in school, and we were also never told about who and what we really are.  It is from this lack of understanding that ALL of our "problems" in life come, and not from the life situations we "think" create them. It is not life that takes our peace and freedom, but our thoughts about our life situations that do that. By taking control of our own mind and unlearning some habits that really don't serve us, true freedom and happiness is revealed no matter what life situation we are in. 
The Zen Jungle masterclass is wisdom that works at a fundamental level, exposing how your mind and thoughts really work, and what fuels them. That voice in your head will no longer be on an involuntary loop, as you develop the ability to choose what you think, when you think and if you think at all. Peace - the moment when your mind finally goes quiet.
This is a new state of being and it will quickly and completely transform how you feel about almost everything. 
How do we know all this and that it works so well? It is of course how we got here. We were just like you.


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From £9.99 - £20

Feel good, no matter what your mind or this crazy world throws at you.

The book or audiobook is the foundation of the masterclass. It will take you on a unique, life-changing, transformational journey. It is in 11, easy to follow steps, and makes the learnings both easy and actionable.


All formats come with FREE member content, online in the private members area. Infographics, explainers a forum and more are all included to make things more visual, offering support on your journey.

Sign up and buy your chosen book format here, to get started immediately. Optional additions such as the online course and retreats are shown below and can be added at any time, as you see the immense value of the masterclass, and to fuel understanding.

The masterclass is 330+ pages or almost 15 hours of audio, and you'll need to plan for several reads or listens. The course requires 2 complete reads over a period of 8 weeks, and we find that many people add the course either during or just after their first read.


The audiobook is the strongly recommended format, as it provides effortless learning, almost anywhere, at any time.






For those who like to learn visualy and for the best results, we strongly recommend adding the online course to partner with your chosen book format.


Add it before or after you buy the book, and at any time you wish. Most buy it during the first read or in time for the second, when the value and impact of the masterclass has become abundantly clear. It really does bring profoundly life-changing moments, again and again.

The course is a fully managed, visual learning process,.all with a flexible schedule, adding perfectly timed, rich,  learning experiences, reminders and explainers at just the right moment.

11 illuminator books, over 50 infographics, over 50 worksheets, practice reminders, forum support and more, make everything super actionable. It really does unlock the wisdom in the content and makes it crystal clear.

If you don't already have the book, you will be taken to amazon to buy your chosen format on completing this purchase. 



from +£650

A luxury stay, complete with teaching of the whole 11 step masterclass at "The Zen Jungle", our beautiful, purpose built retreat, is sure to be truly life-changing.

Once there, talks, practices, direct one-to-one coaching, questions and answers, and an amazing group dynamic will change everything. Direct support from the Zen Jungle team and other retreat participants, will embed learnings and make new actionable whole of life habits.

On booking a retreat you also gain immediate free access to the online course and members area, so you'll have time to familiarise yourself with the masterclass content well before arrival. This creates amazing results. 

Beautiful log cabins, lake cabins and tree houses are included and the retreat has 5 lakes, woodland and the peace needed to focus on you in peace. 

If you don't already own the book, don't worry, you will be taken to Amazon on completing this purchase. 


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Stressed Woman
The Zen Jungle masterclass will help you change your relationship with the world, your thoughts and with yourself, to create a whole new state of being.
It's time to reboot, do a full reset, to unlearn what isn't working...
Most of us go through life searching for happiness and optimistically hoping that it is just around the corner. Maybe it will come with that new house, new partner, new job, a promotion, with more money, having kids or simply when the current chaos ends and you finally find some peace and freedom.
Sadly, many spend their whole lives chasing that illusive, rarely delivered happiness, moving from one dream of what will make  us feel good to another. All the while, we are living in the gap. A means to an end, where we are always hoping to be somewhere else and are never at the destination, the one where we do finally love life.
The reason for this is simple. What we are seeking is simply not to be found in people, places and things outside of us. It is a simple result of the fact that we have zero control of our own thoughts. Rather than our life situations being the problem, it is our thoughts about those situations that take our peace, freedom and happiness, unfortunately providing anxiety and overthinking in their place.
Almost everyone is under attack from and blocked by an endless stream of involuntary, conditioned and almost totally meaningless thought. They cause anxiety, addiction, depression, lack of confidence, endless expectations, lack of sleep, low self esteem and they ARE the very overthinking that takes away any hope we have of peace.
They are also that "voice in your head", the same voice that is telling you happiness is coming soon, and always through something external to yourself. Ironically it is your inability to control your mind and thoughts that is really preventing you from finding it. The great news is, this can all be unlearned once deeply understood. It is simply a habit, a way of thinking and certainly not a life sentence.
The Zen Jungle masterclass is the reset and reboot you need. It will change your relationship with mind, thought and the world outside. It will slowly  bring peace, happiness, health and wellbeing in every area of your life, removing the "voice in your head" and all that intrusive mind activity. Ahh!

Love life, we believe everyone can...

Our mission is to help the whole of humanity to love life, free from overthinking and re-connected to the power and peace of nature.

Our Vision : An awakened, unpolluted world at peace, free of mind and ego.

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What we beleive

To 'love life is both our journey and the destination. The Zen Jungle masterclass is actively environmental. Reducing waste, pollutants, plastics and carbon footprint is at the very heart of it.
It’s time to have a positive impact on yourself, the oceans, the rainforests, our precious environment and the whole of nature. It's time to love life and in the process, align with your intended universal purpose.

What we value : Truth - Simplicity - Compassion - Spirit - Nature - Love