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Mindful transcedence day

Full day experience for members

Starts 8:45am - Every Saturday

Bookings for groups of 4+ can choose their day

£60 per person / day including cookout food

Take time off and spend the day transforming with us. We have a day of peace, freedom and truly letting go planned for you. Get away from the overthinking and start the process of learning to connect

  • Learn presence and mindfulness

  • Experience Zazen meditation

  • Become your true, thoughless self

  • Start the journey to peace and freedom

  • Experience altered states with shamanic breathing

  • Join us for a cookout at the firepit

Payment by cash only on arrival.

Shamanic breathing & cookout

Afternoon and early evening experience

Starts at 3pm

£40 per person / day including food

Visit the retreat for a very special experience. Arrive early and spend time exploring ready for the introduction and shamanic / holotropic breathwork experience at 4pm 

  • Start the journey to peace and freedom

  • Experience altered states and connect

  • Join us for a cookout at the firepit

  • Veggie and meat options provided

Members Day Visitor Pass

The Zen Jungle retreat is a special place. 40 Acres of wildlife and nature, 5 lakes, firepit spaces with barbeques, endless paths and walks with direct access to the bude aqueduct path, Tamar lake and the Dunsdon nature reserve. There's free parking, so many places to sit mindfully and soon the bistro bar and kitchen and the new lakeside bar and grill. 

Become a member,

spend a day, change your life

In addition to our 7 - 14 day ultimate personal transformation and life-coaching, cabin stays and mindfulness mini-breaks you can become a retreat club member and visit the retreat on an unlimited number of occasions with access to all it has to offer. Members can then book day experiences as a great way to sample what the retreat has to offer and get a taste of its transformative effect.




The retreat is a peaceful and private haven, complete with walks, lakes, woodland, many firepit areas, an amphitheatre, a bistro kitchen and bar and a lakeside bar and grill

By becoming a member you'll have unlimited access to all it has to offer and can visit and book spaces at any time between transformational retreats.

Explore, chill, walk and find peace.



Choose a 4 day mindfulness mini-break or simply book a luxury self catered cabin and experience everything the retreat has to offer.

Every cabin is newly refurbished and has every amenity, except for a TV that is. Many cabins have an outdoor bathtub and all have a large dining deck with a beautiful vieww. It's a home from home with amazing walks, lakes and so much to see and do. We look  forward to seeing you.



Whis is what the retreat was built for. 7 - 14 days of the ultimate in personal transformation and life-coaching. It's life-changing on every level.

Awaken to a whole new perspective on life and truly love it for the first time. Feel blissful peace and freedom by learning to dissolve the cause of all overthinking, relationship issues, trauma, triggers, addictions, low self opinion, insecurity and many mental health conditions.


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