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Get support on your journey of personal transformation, for free.


Zen Jungle is a unique transformational journey. It is a whole new way to live, using wisdom that works from a broad range of sources and it culminates in a whole new state of being. During the course, you will unlearn what you thought you knew about life and your mind, and start to see the world in a new, more peaceful and connected way.

The case study program explained.

This process is the first of its type, and so we need a number of people willing to share their experience and the transformations they go through. We need access to your personal journey, in the hope that you will then act as an inspiration to others.


You will apply for the course with a detailed summary of where you are in your life right now, how you feel and what your normal state of being is. This is essentially your start point. We are looking for people in a broad range of situations including the following :


  • Suffering from worry and anxiety.

  • Those who don’t feel that they belong or feel a lack of purpose.

  • Those who want to feel a sense of peace and want to quiet the voice in their head.

  • Those who are struggling to sleep.

  • Those who are overthinking.

  • Wanting spiritual awakening or enlightenment.

  • Those with any and all mental health issues.

  • Those feeling sadness, regret or loss.

  • Those who feel guilty, have low self esteem or a lack of confidence.

  • Those who have been a victim or feel lots of blame.

  • Those with addictions.

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The team will be on hand to support you and guide you through to total transformation.
What you get when you are selected for the transformation program

What you get :


  • A life changing transformation for free.

  • Get the book or Audiobook for free.

  • Get direct access to the Zen Jungle team.

  • Get personal coaching, to ensure that you achieve your transformation.

  • Free course content, infographics, wall art and more.


What you need to do in return :


  • Be open about your personal journey.

  • Create a journal and video diary to plot your progress.

  • Be interviewed for our upcoming podcasts.

  • Allow us to document your journey as a case study.

  • Give ongoing updates on the changes to your state of being.

  • Potentially become a brand ambassador and point of reference for others.

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