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Learn what you are beyond being the sum of your roles, labels, ideas and beliefs

You will be taken through a process of deep personal consideration of what you really are. The underlying being will be exposed, quite possibly for the first time, to reveal the watcher and experiencer of life.

The 11 steps will progressively allow you to remove the expectations and resistance that come with the thoughts and ideas of who you are.

End your overthinking, anxiety, addictions, sadness, fears, depression and other "mental health" issues.

It turns out that the problem is never the real problem. It is your thoughts about the problem that take your peace and leave you with involuntary thinking that you obsess about and are powerless to change.

The Zen Jungle masterclass will give you back control. Ultimately giving you an ability to choose what you think, when you think and if you think at all. It is life changing.

Move from involuntary thinking, on a journey that will create long periods of no thought at all and the piece that comes with it. In addition you will learn to purposefully choose your thoughts, something that the majority of people have never experienced.

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A journey into self realisation, and the removal of all self inflicted limitations.

This is a journey of self discovery, learning and total personal transformation. This book reveals what many others promise, and makes it totally actionable. Where others fail to deliver and leave you wondering, this masterclass creates complete, personal transformation


It is a step by step journey to losing the ideas and thoughts that limit you. You will see the habits and patterns that don't serve you, remove them and replace them with a new state of being full of peace, freedom, happiness and fulfilment.

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Are you seeking peace, freedom, fulfilment, happiness, purpose or love? Then this masterclass is for you.

Buy the book or take the online course to find a whole new relationship with your mind and that voice in your head. As you do, you will realise that all of the above and more are just beyond the mind noise.

Happiness, love, freedom and every other state of being you could wish for are all available to you right now. They are inside, not outside and can be accessed with lots of unlearning, some new understanding and the creation of new habits

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It turns out that most of us are looking for the meaning of life in all the wrong places.

This masterclass will reveal that everything you "want" and the whole purpose of your life is to be found inside, not in the people, places and things that you endless chase or avoid.


It's all inside of you, not outside. As you progress you will quickly transform your thinking, reducing the heavy, resistance that most of us feel as we go through life and replacing it with a growing feeling of love for all things... It's so much more than a book.

What readers and listeners say

"Wow, what a read! Truly transformational, awesome content. The whole of humanity would benefit from reading this masterclass. Truly awakening"

"Everyone needs to read this book! Life changing"

"I’ve read books along similar themes over the last few years and this one nails everything with amazing simplicity and clarity."

"Fantastic book, easy to follow, informative, really helpful in changing my perspective and feeling at peace."

"If only everyone on the planet could read it (the masterclass) I’m in no doubt that we’d all start moving along a better path - for ourselves, for each other, and for the planet"

"It's like seeing The Matrix code. Life changing on so many levels..."

"You HAVE to study this book. It brings everything together. I studied spirituality, psychology for 2 years having read 17 books. This is the first to take you through step by steps exactly what to do to let go. A MUST if you are serious about letting go of the past and truly healing. I'm on my second round of study of this content."

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So much more than a book




£9.99 - £20

Everyone needs the book or audiobook. With this route you go it alone and manage your own journey. You'll need a little time and some self discipline as it's much more than simply reading. The 11 steps are more than 325 pages or around 15 hours of audio and you'll need several reads. The audiobook is our recommended method and it provides effortless learning that can be done almost anywhere, at any time.


Both come with access to the rich online content, infographics and explainers in the FREE members area.



£59 (+book)

Using the book or audiobook as a foundation, the is our strongly recommended route. A fully managed process with a flexible schedule. It adds a rich, cleverly scheduled learning experiences including 11 illuminator books, over 50 infographics, explainers, over 50 worksheets, reminders, forum support and more. It makes everything super actionable, so your success is almost guaranteed.

In order to complete the online course a purchase of the book or audiobook will also be required.



from £650

For those who would like to take time to embed their learnings and have hands on direct support and teaching from the Zen Jungle team, our new residential retreats will create the perfect combination of relaxation and transformation. Dates will be released in in the coming months for the UK, when our permanent retreat centre will be launched with lodge and cottage stays.

Intensive learning, practice experiences, coaching and a complete reset and reboot. It's a beautiful way to learn.

Book or audiobook required.