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End Addiction


Zen Jungle Retreat, Devon UK


25 Oct 2024


4 Nov 2024

If you have chosen substances or obsessive behaviour as the vehicle to escape how your life currently feels, this retreat will change everything and create a life you need no escape from.

A 10 night retreat that will totally change your whole life, forever.

​This is your invitation to :

  • Free yourself from mind chaos, anxiety, overthinking and inner conflict.

  • Change how you see and feel about yourself, the world and life itself.

  • Let go of suffering, negativity, limitation, trauma and dependency.

  • Let go of conditioned ideas, thoughts and limiting beliefs.

  • Raise your consciousness and realise your true self.

  • Remove negative self opinion, anxiety and addiction.

  • Find a blissflul inner peace, joy and connection.

  • Reveal the deep intuition, flow and purpose within.


An unforgettable,

life-changing adventure

If you long for fundamental change in how you feel about and connect with life and others, this 10 night retreat is the most intensive, perspective changing journey available. It will change your life forever and allow you to truly let go.

Who this is for . . .

  • Those wanting a profound change in their life.

  • The open minded and open to new perspective.

  • Men or women who want inner peace & fulfillment.

  • Men or women looking for joy and happiness.

  • Those craving freedom or feeling trapped.

  • People interested in deep personal development.

  • Those seeking personal independence.

  • Those wanting better, deeper relationships.

  • Those on a path of seeking or awakening.

Who this is NOT for . . .

  • Those seeking a holiday focussed on relaxation.

  • Those unwilling to join talks, teachings, workshops.

  • Those unwilling to commit to effort and practices.

  • Those unwilling to take full responsibility.

  • Anyone with a closed mindset, unwilling to listen.

  • Anyone who has embedded in the role of victim.

  • Those who have already given up on themselves.

  • Those against holistic, alternative remedies.

What you experience here will profoundly transform you

The retreat is an intense program of talks, pointings, workshops, practices, fun activities and experiences. It's a paradoxical journey of learning-to-unlearn and empowers you to let go of a life-time of conditioning, trauma, limiting beliefs and resistance to life. It will reveal the true, authentic you, who is free and peaceful inside and feels the joy and purpose of living. It's deep liberation from your mind and thoughts.

Your thinking

Without thoughts we would all be happy and at peace. As you gain the ability to both choose when and if you think at all, peace will descend. This will set you on a path to no further involuntary overthinking.

Your mind

The retreat delivers a deep understanding of mind and how it all works. We will take a journey to understand our awareness and become more conscious of where we place it, understanding the effect of arbitrary judgement.

Your emotions

Understanding the link between energetic sensation, the mind, thoughts and emotions is the first step into living a happy life, free of anger, sadness, and depression. As the process progresses you'll take back control.

Your reactivity

Most people live in a sensitive world, where they can involuntarily react, think and speak due to what happens or is said to them, almost at any time. This is a product of unconscious building of triggers and an inability to be present for the chain reaction that occurs when triggered. Peace comes as we dissolve triggers.

Your behaviours

Reactivity is only one side of the relationship we have with triggers. The other is our general behaviour, need for rituals or compulsions such as addictions. As we dissolve triggers and reveal peace, our behaviour becomes our own.

Your connection

Most of us feel separate, like we don't fit in or belong. This is a product of the personal reality we have built and the nature of the relationships we form with people, places and things. The process will break down the barriers that exist, connecting us to almost everything and gaining a feeling of oneness.

Your meaning & purpose

At some point in life, most of us question why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. Some seek those answers endlessly both practically and spiritually. This will transform your understanding and perspective, showing with clarity the purpose of your life.

It's a transformation for

if you feel . . .

  • Stuck, trapped or something really needs to change?

  • You need to stop overthinking and internal chaos, find peace and to let go?

  • Lost in addiction, past trauma, depression or hopelessness?

  • This is your most personally challenging time ever or at a crisis point?

  • The world or life has become more chaotic and crazy than ever before?

  • A need to find deeper meaning, connection and purpose?

this retreat will help change everything

Your state of

inner peace

You'll finally get a break from the voice in your head and the overthinking. Less triggers, so less involuntary thought and a choice of what you think about.

Your reliance on

the outside world

For most the outside world is in control of the inside world, dictating how we feel. This is due to triggers and attached ideas. Time to regain control.

All of your


With yourself,

your friends & family,

your parents,

your partner,

and the whole world.

You will dissolve


We are conditioned from birth to live life to a set of ideas that were almost forced upon us. The expectations, the roles, the right and wrong. Free at last!

You'll finally have

control of you

As we take control of thought, how we feel and behave or react quickly follows. Your inner conflict is over and you let go of self opinions and doubts.

Outside your comfort zone is where you will finally realise that it is what you have come to believe in most that now limits you.

When our ideas, thoughts and expectations are challenged we realise it is the mind and what we "think" we need, want or should fear and avoid that stands between where we are and the freedom we seek.

It's where you will finally find the peace and freedom you've been searching for.

You will realise and become

your connected, true self

This process of self interrogation and understanding will reveal to you that you are not who you "thought" you were.


After stripping back many superficial ideas that have been binding you, there will be a deeper level of realisation that you are so much more than the body and mind you have identified with.


This is not religious or necessarily spiritual but it is your awakening and it changes everything you have come to believe is what and who you are, providing you with a new level of peace and freedom..

What is the retreat?

Intensity and fun meets deep presence, altered states of consciousness and learning new practices and a new state of being. Dissolving of old habits and thinking and finding peace. It's also an amazing place to meet life-long friends.

Key elements and features :

  • Unique teaching, workshops and practices.

  • Limited to only 7 guests per retreat for one-to-one coaching.

  • Set in a natural paradise for space and time to let go.

  • A 10 night stay in a luxury cabin.

  • 5 nights of cookouts with food, drinks & fire pits.

  • Fun, life-changing experiences.


What will I experience?

  • Intense, personal transformation and awakening.

  • A fundamental shift in life perspective.

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs, fear, trauma & sadness.

  • Advanced coaching on mindfulness and presence.

    • Kriya yoga for self realisation​.

    • Advanced Meditation & Zazen.

    • Sound baths and meditations.

    • Shamanic drumming.

    • Conscious communication.

    • Movement meditation.

  • Shamanic and holotropic breathwork.

    • Altered states of consciousness.

    • Relaxation, Release & Presence.

    • Enlightenment.

  • Practices for raised consciousness.

  • Connection in consciousness.

  • Experiential understanding of personal reality.

  • Yoga nidra & sleep meditation.​

  • Kriya Yoga for self realisation.

  • Cold water lake swimming (where available).

  • Yurt cinema night.

  • Specialist individual coaching for :

    • Anxiety & Overthinking.

    • Triggers, Anger & Addiction​.

    • Recurrent Trauma, parental blame.

    • Connection and better Relationships.

    • Illness, terminal illness & pain.

    • Purpose, meaning, seeking and spirituality.

    • Depression, mental health.


We're here for you both during and after the retreat

The teaching, workshops and activities at the retreat are all hosted by our team of coaches, who are on hand for both group and individual discussion. This coaching will offer different, personal perspectives on the transformational journey and is key in finding the words that will unlock every guests personal journey.


10 Days is not long to gain life-changing transformation and a new state of being, and in reality the retreat is just the beginning. That's why access to coaching continues long after the retreat with group video calls and even the opportunity for individual coaching calls should you feel the need. That said, this process is permanent and we don't expect guests to need too much coaching or to redo retreats, other than (as many do), coming to visit us and meet up from time to time.

Can you relate to one or more?

Then this process will be life-changing

  • Overthinking, Worry or Anxiety

  • Exhausted, tired of the "rat race"

  • Trapped, need to escape

  • Can't sleep, thinking all night

  • Addicted or compulsive

  • The world's gone mad, change it

  • Low self opinion, self hatred

  • Isolated or alone, want to belong

  • Voice in the head, depression

  • Looking for a way out, suicidal

  • Guilt, blame, a victim

  • Overcome by fear, fear of death

  • Grief, loss, deep sadness

  • Chronic pain, mental or physical

  • Terminal illness

  • Unable to overcome "Trauma"

  • Dependency in relationships

  • Need a soulmate or twin flame

  • Problem and failed relationships

  • “Toxic” or abusive relationships

  • Inability to trust, insecurity

  • Lack of self confidence

  • Anger, poor impulse control

  • Want to find peace, to relax

  • Want or need to be free

  • Want to find meaning or purpose

  • Unhappy, want to find happiness

  • Seeking to awaken, you or others

  • Want to find connection

  • Want to find flow and intuition

  • Seeking enlightenment

  • Wanting to transcend it all

Luxury one or two bedroom cabins

Every cabin is newly refurbished and forms a home from home. Each has a large deck with a view and both inddor and outdoor seating.

King size bedrooms (Double or twin)

All bedrooms are king size, so when sharing offer a great private sleeping space. All have high threadcount linens and super comfy mattresses.

Living space and large decking

The living spaces are large with rustic boho styling. There's a 4 seater breakfast bar, doors to the deck and no TV for ultimate peace.

Fully fitted kitchens

Kitchens are brand new with all appliances. Hob, oven microwave, dishwasher, fridge and freezer are all included together with a washing machine.

A 40 acre peaceful paradise

Every cabin is nestled within the retreat as a natural haven with 5 lakes, woodland, endless walks and beautiful outdoor seating spaces.

Bistro & Bar

Whilst not yet open to non retreat guests, our newly created bistro and bar make an amazing centre point for food and drinks at the retreat.

Where will I be staying?

The retreat and cabins make up a 40 acre, peaceful  paradise with 5 lakes and ancient woodland. You'll stay in a one or two bedroom and for this retreat you can choose a whole cabin to yourself or share with one other guest. Every cabin is newly refurbished with fully fitted kitchen, boho living space, one or two bathrooms and a large, private outdoor deck for sitting and dining while taking in the amazing views.

Every retreat is the perfect combination of the ultimate, personal transformational teaching, alone time, natural spaces, coaching and a long list of fun activities, creating an amazing journey of self discovery and realisation with permanent results.



25 Oct 2024

HELLFIRE | 10 Day Life Changing Transformation Retreat

Zen Jungle Retreat, Devon UK


Join the Weekly Zoom Call

If you'd like to discuss the retreat further before booking or to get a more personal explanation that relates to how you're feeling personally with answers to specific questions to help you understand if it's right for you, join the weekly zoom call. The group call offers the broadest coverage but private calls can be arranged on request.

As we dissolve what fuels endless overthinking, the silence and intuition of our true self is revealed. It's the only route to true, life-long peace and brings freedom, purpose and fulfillment, often for the first time.

It is 100% possible to dissolve your addiction, forever.

In this life-changing 10 day retreat it becomes clear that addiction is a symptom and not a cause. Showing how substances, sex, social media and other compulsive behaviours are simply a means to escape the ever present weight and resistance of the  chaotic lives we make for ourselves.


This means it is 100% possible to dissolve the cause of all addiction and way easier than you may think or have been told. The retreat reveals that the world we feel a deep need to escape from using addictions, was created unconsciously by giving birth to an ever expanding and self defeating set of subjective ideas about life, the world and ourselves.

It is by fundamentally shifting our perspective and consciousness that we can change everything, holistically creating a new life and reality that needs no escape and dissolves the causes at source for which addiction became a symptom. Enter happiness.


To dissolve addiction completely we must become fully independent of the world for how we feel. This process will help you understand and dissolve triggers and give you conscious control of your thoughts, ideas, words and behaviours. 


The label of addict is not a life-long sentence, nor should it make you a victim and lose all responsibility. As your life becomes one that you love the addictions naturally and quickly resolve themselves, leaving you free to be, do and experience your life again.


Addiction is often combined with a hopelessness and loss of meaning in your life. It is all consuming and leaves you in a constant state of escape. This process will give you back your life and with it the meaning and purpose you may have lost.


Addiction is a viscious circle of escape and regret. We create a life in our minds that we really feel a need to escape from, use addiction for temporary relief and then regret it and self criticise. As we let go of the cycle, joy emerges as the result, absent of regret.


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