32 things
How many do you relate to?

  • Overthinking, Worry or Anxiety

  • Exhausted, tired of the "rat race"

  • Trapped, need to escape

  • Can't sleep, thinking all night

  • Addicted or compulsive

  • The world's gone mad, change it

  • Low self opinion, self hatred

  • Isolated or alone, want to belong

  • Voice in the head, depression

  • Looking for a way out, suicidal

  • Guilt, blame, a victim

  • Overcome by fear, fear of death

  • Grief, loss, deep sadness

  • Chronic pain, mental or physical

  • Terminal illness

  • Unable to overcome "Trauma"

  • Dependency in relationships

  • Need a soulmate or twin flame

  • Problem and failed relationships

  • “Toxic” or abusive relationships

  • Inability to trust, insecurity

  • Lack of self confidence

  • Anger, poor impulse control

  • Want to find peace, to relax

  • Want or need to be free

  • Want to find meaning or purpose

  • Unhappy, want to find happiness

  • Seeking to awaken, you or others

  • Want to find connection

  • Want to find flow and intuition

  • Seeking enlightenment

  • Wanting to transcend it all

One or more ? Then it's for you ...


Zen Jungle is a group of people who through their own life journey and search for something more, discovered some of the profound secrets to living a peaceful free and happy life. The Zen Jungle holistic masterclass in how to truly love life was the result of that search.

It has now developed into an audiobook, online course and transformational retreat based on the border of Devon and Cornwall in the South West of the UK and offers life changing transformation for all who experience it. There is also a free online community offering resources and content to help and support those who are searching for something more in their lives, want peace or simply want to feel better.

Zen Jungle is a very personal, transformational journey that will help you to discover who you really are, your purpose and the secret to a peaceful mind. It will also reveal that in the absence of all the overthinking, strategising and planning that goes on in most peoples minds, there is happiness and freedom.



It turns out, all 32 things have the same cause . . .

Almost all of humanity is currently lost, mistakenly and endlessly overthinking to strategise escape from the way they feel and the life they have been presented to live by the world outside.


If only the world was different. If only I had more money, lived in a bigger house, had a better car, lived in a different country or had a different partner or job. The list goes on because for most, the mental dialogue is endless, fuelled by perpetual comparison and competition with everyone else.


Modern life has conditioned us to endlessly seek, need and want, always searching for something other than what we have, where we are and even who we are. Add to that precariously avoiding things that we don't want, like or fear and it's all truly exhausting.


No wonder then that in the chaos we fail to realise what we chase and avoid are simply our own ideas. The ideas we unknowingly create or adopt from others in the outside world. The same ideas we now unconsciously crave both freedom and escape from, hoping to find peace from the endless overthinking they create along the way.


It seems everyone is hoping to finally feel good or at least better at some point. Surely that's the goal? When the weight lifts and we finally escape or when the whole world outside changes for the better and becomes predictable, surely it will all be ok, won't it?


Believe that and your search for peace will never end, simply becoming a repetitive cycle of trying the next thing you hope will make you happy.

Zen jungle is a unique, holistic masterclass in how to truly love life. It is simple unlearning of the conditioned habits that confine and limit almost everyone. Where involuntary overthinking ends and both peace and freedom begin.

So, what actually is this journey

The masterclass is available in multiple formats, as book, audiobook, course and a 10 day retreat in Devon, UK. The simple steps will reveal deep and actionable wisdom you were simply never taught in school or since. It's all new.

Gain a deep understanding of what and who you are, including how your mind actually works. It will demonstrate what thought is and how it is generated at the base level, showing how the root of all human unhappiness, including yours, is a dysfunctional relationship between that voice in your head and the underlying self.

Then it's time to take full control of the thinking process,  firstly learning how the overthinking was created and the habits that fuel it. Simple steps then bring fundamental change, unlearning a lifetime of habitual, self defeating patterns, replacing them with a whole new state of being, one that serves you well and changes literally everything.

It really is a profound journey. Along the way you will learn about the universe, consciousness, thought, peppered with a tiny amount of quantum physics and more than a small measure of  ancient zen and yogic wisdom. It's wisdom that truly works and is easy to action, to reveal a new, happier way to live and love life.

If you've been reading or searching for answers to find something more, this is not simply more of the same. Whilst some concepts will be familiar, this is new, coherent, comprehensive, transformative learning. See the reviews and trust that you will not be left wanting.

What others say ...

Below are a sample of the reviews directly from Amazon for both the book audio book and course., Visit Amazon now to see what others say.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is "is this for me and what is it?" That's because there's actually nothing else like Zen Jungle, which means that those who need it really don't believe anything like it could exist and find it difficult to understand why the content is not more widely available if it works so well.

Zen Jungle works for anyone who is living a life pressured by the voice in their head. Whether overthinking, self criticising, searching for happiness or meaning, depressed or anxious.

The list below is just some of the reasons people find us.

Some of our retreat coaches and community











Our story

The past and our individual life experience, accomplishments and story in no way defines us. We are a team of humans who have been on the journey of life. It's the same journey you and every other human on the planet are on. We have been the anxious, the overthinkers, the searchers, the ones who needed to do something or be someone, who thought it mattered to strategise our whole lives and that we must achieve something before we die.

For us that time has past. The thoughts that drive almost everyone into endless chasing and avoiding, wanting and needing, fearing and planning have been replaced with blissful inner peace and nothing to be or to do. We have  a hidden secret in life, the one that unlocks connection and intuition, removing all the fear.


We are now purely being, flowing through our lives absent of labels and roles. We are a community, growing our own food, living off the land and coaching others to exit the mind chaos that affects almost everyone.

To find happiness, look for the happy ones, the ones who chase nothing, fear nothing and accept life as it comes, living only in the present absent of the worries. Then allow them to share their story, then listen and transform without judgement or chasing what you "think" will make you happy.  It is in learning not to think at all that the peace, happiness and freedom finally comes.

We are here to share that secret and have this amazing human experience.